Oh What I’ve Lost

Oh what I’ve lost.Given to Jesus at the foot of the cross.
All of my worries and shame.

I turned in depression and fear.

I told Him about all that I’ve done

and all that’s been done to me.
He said I take it from you my child

So you can live!
Oh what I’ve lost.

Given to Jesus at the foot of the cross.

But, Oh what I’ve gained!
What lays past is gone.

Now I’m free from the pain

of hatred and blame.

Refreshed and renewed,

I’ll never be the same.
Oh what I’ve gained,

from all that was lost.

Taken by Jesus on the cross!



I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. (Psalms 34:4 KJV)
Fear is a great snare. A trick of the mind to keep us from reaching goals set before us. Fear is an illusion. It is a threat of what could happen and what ifs. It is the voice talking us out of a greater journey in life. Fear holds us back from experiencing God’s best in life.
Have you seen the invisible fences for dogs. An electric wire is buried in the ground giving a boundary for the pet. When the pet attempts to cross the boundary, his body is shocked by a transmitter he wears on his collar. The dog eventually learns to stay within a certain area for fear of being shocked.
Fear is our shock collar. It sets in and we train ourselves to stay within certain limits for fear of failing or being rejected. We learn to watch longingly as others pass by and excel. Claiming that adventure and peace and joy are only for others. We want to stay where we are comfortable and remain in the familiar. Many long for change in circumstances but are stalled by fear.
I challenge you to step out in Faith today. Call upon the promise of God that He will hear your plea and deliver you from fear. 

Hope in Christ

This moment in history is signifiant. America is on a path of destruction. Our elected officials are tossing aside the very foundation our forefathers built this great nation upon. Faith in God and family values are being mocked, while we watch in horror.
The most important thing for christians to remember is that God is still in control. We must be steadfast in prayer for our country and our brothers. Hate the sin not the sinner, so to speak. People are lost and our world has fallen. 
Our purpose in this life is to know God and make Him known. This can only be accomplished by showing love and grace to others. We don’t have to agree with the discrimination or lifestyle choices of others. What we must do is realize that everyone is loved by God. 
News reports paint a picture of hope in flesh and worldly lusts. Fear is presented by articles reporting financial demise and freedom of speech being taken away. The right to bear arms threatened. Army exercises to train for marshall law enforcement. All news points to chaos and loss of freedom. 
We, as believers in Christ must stand firm on His word. We are Heavenly citizens and must trust in the one who has control. Fear has no place in our minds. We must speak God’s word and show His love in this world. God is our freedom, our peace and our defender. He will be the light in these dark hours ahead. 


This world is lost.

People making a fuss,

because churches are too big.

Pastors preaching that God wants us to be happy.

The message bringing offence to many.
God does want us to be happy.

He wants us to live in His light.

Giving us His word as a guide.

He presents truth for every situation we face.
How did we come to this?

Living as if there are no consequences,

and being offended by hearing God’s plan.
Holding preachers to a higher standard.

Picking apart their sins as if they aren’t human.

God’s word says All have sinned and fallen short.
There is no salvation within one’s self.

God accepts us just as we are.

We simply have to use our voice to proclaim our belief in Him.

It is free.

Jesus paid the price for us all.
It’s time for people to stop making excuses.

Read the word of God.

Form your own opinion.

Seek God’s will in your life.
Do not be influenced by things of this world.

We are not of this world;

but are citizens of Heaven.