This world is lost.

People making a fuss,

because churches are too big.

Pastors preaching that God wants us to be happy.

The message bringing offence to many.
God does want us to be happy.

He wants us to live in His light.

Giving us His word as a guide.

He presents truth for every situation we face.
How did we come to this?

Living as if there are no consequences,

and being offended by hearing God’s plan.
Holding preachers to a higher standard.

Picking apart their sins as if they aren’t human.

God’s word says All have sinned and fallen short.
There is no salvation within one’s self.

God accepts us just as we are.

We simply have to use our voice to proclaim our belief in Him.

It is free.

Jesus paid the price for us all.
It’s time for people to stop making excuses.

Read the word of God.

Form your own opinion.

Seek God’s will in your life.
Do not be influenced by things of this world.

We are not of this world;

but are citizens of Heaven.