Hope in Christ

This moment in history is signifiant. America is on a path of destruction. Our elected officials are tossing aside the very foundation our forefathers built this great nation upon. Faith in God and family values are being mocked, while we watch in horror.
The most important thing for christians to remember is that God is still in control. We must be steadfast in prayer for our country and our brothers. Hate the sin not the sinner, so to speak. People are lost and our world has fallen. 
Our purpose in this life is to know God and make Him known. This can only be accomplished by showing love and grace to others. We don’t have to agree with the discrimination or lifestyle choices of others. What we must do is realize that everyone is loved by God. 
News reports paint a picture of hope in flesh and worldly lusts. Fear is presented by articles reporting financial demise and freedom of speech being taken away. The right to bear arms threatened. Army exercises to train for marshall law enforcement. All news points to chaos and loss of freedom. 
We, as believers in Christ must stand firm on His word. We are Heavenly citizens and must trust in the one who has control. Fear has no place in our minds. We must speak God’s word and show His love in this world. God is our freedom, our peace and our defender. He will be the light in these dark hours ahead. 

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