My Prayer

Thank You Lord

For my husband, Frog and our Little Worm.

Thank You for our home

A place of our own

Where Your peace and love rests.


Thank You for the storms

That bring us closer to You.

For Your glorious light

That shines in my heart

Replacing the darkness

And for bringing sweet sleep

Through the night.


Thank You for

Contentment and joy.

Thank You for Your strength

To stand and face life’s demands.


I have so many blessings I’m thankful for

It’s hard to put them all into words.


I’m in awe of You God.

How you turn everything around

From despair to hope

Darkness to light.

Wondering aimless to driven

By Your purpose.


So, thank You Lord for

Your Son who shed

His precious blood for Me!

He paid the way

For us to be free!


Thank You Lord

For this day and

All the blessings

You send my way!

All this I pray,

In Jesus Mighty Name!





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