I’ve walked through the fire

Trusting You as my guide.

Now, as I sift through the rubble

From my broken past,

Some memories cut deep.

Embedded within me.

Like tiny shards of glass

They can’t be seen 

But the pain is deep from within.

Reminding me of

What shouldn’t have been.

Hold me up with Your hand.

Set my feet on solid ground.

Light this fire in my soul.

Feed it with Your daily bread.

I can’t go on without You.

Lord I need You to guide me.

There are two roads ahead.

One leads back and one to You.

The past is falling from my thoughts

Like ashes blowing in the wind.

Let Your light shine to lead the way

Out of this valley of death,

Into Your green pastures.
Lord I need You to guide me.

Guide me home to You.