The Master’s Hand

I find myself in awe

Of Your artist’s hand.

Amazed by the beauty all around.

The green rolling hills

Wheat, like a sea of golden feathers

Colorful sunsets mesmerize my eyes
The beauty of Your creation

No detail was left out of your plan

Even the birds are beautiful works of art.

And Butterflies with such intricate designs!
The care you took designing

Even the smallest things

From each beautifully crafted snowflake

To perfect geometrical shape

Of the bee’s honeycomb
Fluffy cotton candy clouds

In hues of pink, blue and white

So low in the sky

I could reach up

And pull down a bite
Flowers in full bloom

Awaken my senses

With their sweet aroma

The hypnotizing sound

Of buzzing humming bird wings

Sings to me like a lullaby
Savoring Your Grace

As a sweet breeze

Floats around my face

I feel as if my spirit is dancing

To the rhythm of blowing leaves
As my body and mind

Melt into a deep state

Of peace and contentment
I am unable to move or speak

Immersed in Your

Amazing Holy Presence

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