My Fisher of Men

He stands strong in the face of adversity.

Calm and strong, he faces all obstacle put in his way.
Showing grace and mercy to those who hurt him.

Blessing others with what God has given.
Planting seeds of faith.

With hope that others are saved.
Bowing humbly before his Father.

The fisher of men prays.

Giving praise and glory.

Receiving blessing and favor.
Casting his net far and wide.

With faith for others to survive.
Fighting memories from his past.

A powerful testimony he has.
Sharing the good news of God’s love,

and how to obtain salvation.

He reels in the fish and receives a standing ovation

from all the saints in Heaven.
Bowing humbly before his Father.

The fisher of men prays.

Giving praise and glory.

Receiving blessing and favor.
Well done good and faithful servant.

God is well pleased with his strength and courage.

Pressing through even when he feels discouraged.
Drawing near to God.

Seeking wisdom and guidance.

To do His will is the fisherman’s’s desire.
Bowing humbly before his Father.

The fisher of men prays.

Giving praise and glory.

Receiving blessing and favor.
Jeanie Hannah

Come As You Are

Come as you are.Weary and tired.

Burdened with a hard heart.
Come as you are.

Condemned by this world.

Carrying the weight of shame around.
Come as you are.

Pain so great you can’t breathe.

Eyes empty and void of joy.
Come as you are oh child of God.

Place your burdens at His feet.

Lay down all the grief.
Come as you are.


I’ve walked through the fireTrusting You as my guide.

Now, as I sift through the rubble

From my broken past,

Some memories cut deep.

Embedded within me.

Like tiny shards of glass

They can’t be seen 

But the pain is deep from within.

Reminding me of

What shouldn’t have been.
Hold me up with Your hand.

Set my feet on solid ground.

Light this fire in my soul.

Feed it with Your daily bread.

I can’t go on without You.

Lord I need You to guide me.
There are two roads ahead.

One leads back and one to You.

The past is falling from my thoughts

Like ashes blowing in the wind.

Let Your light shine to lead the way

Out of this valley of death,

Into Your green pastures.
Lord I need You to guide me.

Guide me home to You.


The corners of my mind murmur thoughts of fear and unworthinessThe whispers of not being good enough.
Thoughts from the past creep in like fog

Slow and steady until suddenly I realize I’m overcome
Should have and should have been

What I do now and what I did then
There’s no stopping the words coming from out of the blue

You’re nothing and no one.

Like the discarded trash 

Broken and used.
Then the peace comes 

Slowly then bright

Like a light turned on in the dead of night
I’m more than my past

And worthy of love

God steps in and shows up
Grace not earned or even deserved 

But given to me freely and abundantly

So I may know how much I’m loved
The thoughts slip away as I set my mind on my Father

He’s there with outstretched arms

Waiting for me to call upon Him and

Deliver me from my own harm
Trust in Me He says 

I will give you peace always.

The Non-Issue

People lashing out in their own pain. 
A reflection of what’s inside

A nasty brew from a caldron full of shame.

Bubbling and spewing

Hatred and pride float up as steam

Filling the atmosphere with strain.

Those around are gasping for air.

Feeling beaten down.

Letting the actions of one

Throw poison on their crown.

A brave soul cries out.

Let’s walk in God’s light!

It’s a choice, you see,

How you will be.

Secure and safe in times of trouble,

Or letting stress double.

Torment has no place

In the light of God’s Mighty Grace!

Bringing Her Back

She wears her grief on her face.Eyes never shining with light;

But radiating great pain.
Suffering so plain,

To everyone but her.

Pills to ease her pain.

Lies to explain.
Those who love her,

can no longer stand to see her suffering.
Prayers heard by our Father.

Seeds sewn in His honor.

Faith for her healing and salvation.

Trusting God with their child.
Interceding with a warrior’s perseverance.

Her family clings to the promise.

No seed planted will return void.
Remembering the times of joy.

When light and life shown bright.

Faith and prayer will bring her back.
The child feels helpless and drowning in despair.

Does she know all can be repaired?

She is walking in the valley of the shadow of death;

but God is greater.

Greater than the stronghold of addiction and oppression.

He will funnel light into the valley.

Brighter and brighter.

Finally she will find her way out.
God takes her by the hand and lifts her out.

Radiant light shining through her eyes.

She has cried out in the midst of darkness.

Confessing all to God,

Laying it all at the foot of the cross.
She is stripped of shame.

No more burdens or pain.

Such a long journey from where she came.

Accepting responsibility and no more blame.
An amazing blessing!

Restoration of life!

She lives for Christ!


Jeanie Hannah