Bringing Her Back

She wears her grief on her face.Eyes never shining with light;

But radiating great pain.
Suffering so plain,

To everyone but her.

Pills to ease her pain.

Lies to explain.
Those who love her,

can no longer stand to see her suffering.
Prayers heard by our Father.

Seeds sewn in His honor.

Faith for her healing and salvation.

Trusting God with their child.
Interceding with a warrior’s perseverance.

Her family clings to the promise.

No seed planted will return void.
Remembering the times of joy.

When light and life shown bright.

Faith and prayer will bring her back.
The child feels helpless and drowning in despair.

Does she know all can be repaired?

She is walking in the valley of the shadow of death;

but God is greater.

Greater than the stronghold of addiction and oppression.

He will funnel light into the valley.

Brighter and brighter.

Finally she will find her way out.
God takes her by the hand and lifts her out.

Radiant light shining through her eyes.

She has cried out in the midst of darkness.

Confessing all to God,

Laying it all at the foot of the cross.
She is stripped of shame.

No more burdens or pain.

Such a long journey from where she came.

Accepting responsibility and no more blame.
An amazing blessing!

Restoration of life!

She lives for Christ!


Jeanie Hannah

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