The corners of my mind murmur thoughts of fear and unworthinessThe whispers of not being good enough.
Thoughts from the past creep in like fog

Slow and steady until suddenly I realize I’m overcome
Should have and should have been

What I do now and what I did then
There’s no stopping the words coming from out of the blue

You’re nothing and no one.

Like the discarded trash 

Broken and used.
Then the peace comes 

Slowly then bright

Like a light turned on in the dead of night
I’m more than my past

And worthy of love

God steps in and shows up
Grace not earned or even deserved 

But given to me freely and abundantly

So I may know how much I’m loved
The thoughts slip away as I set my mind on my Father

He’s there with outstretched arms

Waiting for me to call upon Him and

Deliver me from my own harm
Trust in Me He says 

I will give you peace always.

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