This journey begins  
With a new man.

Joy and excitement

Can’t be contained.

Tears of happiness

Instead of pain.

Washed Clean.

Ready for the race.

Slow and steady,

God’s word sets the pace.

His spirit dancing.

Eyes shining with light.

There’s no way to fully explain

The feeling inside.

Ahead will be dark days.

Frustration, stones thrown in his way.

Persecution, and people calling him names.

Growing weary and tired.

Wondering where he can hide.

Stopping to refuel.

Eating his daily bread.

Building his strength

For this race of endurance.

The ominous cloud grows

Dimmer and less threatening

Up ahead he can see the Saints

Cheering for his victory.

Others have fallen in his path.

There’s no way he can pass.

Stopping to help them up.

To give an encouraging word.

Shining God’s light

And spreading the good news.

A second wind.

A new prospective.

A bright ray of warm sunshine

Waiting up ahead.

Covered in Grace and Mercy.

Overcoming temptation to lay down.

This Man has grown

By leaps and bounds!

No longer new.

This well seasoned soul

Pushes forward

Toward his everlasting

Life with Christ!
Jeanie Hannah

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