A Soul Worth Saving

Who is worthy of salvation?The thief or lier?

The man with murder on his mind and in his heart?
Who is worthy?

The person who puts people down,

Spending his time running others in the ground.
Is the adulterer worth saving?

The prostitute full of shame,

Can she have a new name?
Bullies that push others around,

Mothers who abandon,

Fathers who abuse?
How do we decide,

who is worthy of salvation?

Such a big decision

On shoulders of flesh!
Thankfully God decided for us,

By giving His only Son.

The Veil was torn,

And Love Won!
No offense too is too great.

No crime too heinous.

No heart so hard,

No thought too Vile.

That the blood of the Lamb

Can’t wash clean.
So Jesus gave Himself on the cross

Because every soul is worth saving.
Jeanie Hannah


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