You Can’t Do That!

I was recently told “Dreams are just that, dreams. They are not realistic. It sounds nice, it just isn’t possible.” This comment hit me hard. I have stressed many hours and days over writing and art. The ability to create versus the ability to make a living creating. I would do it either way; but my heart’s desire would be to ultimately make money to support my family with the product of the desire to create that God put on my heart.

This comment shouldn’t have affected me as much as it did, because I am very hard on myself and tell myself the same thing all the time. I think it is a coping mechanism or justifying failure to myself. Maybe even an excuse to not work as hard as I should. Fear is the common denominator to this train of thought. This comment hit me hard though. I know it is untrue and a tactic to keep me from achieving God’s best for me. I guess that is why it hit me so hard. To tell myself these lies is one thing but to be told by someone else was just a blow to the gut.

I have always been an encourager. I encourage my girls to follow their hearts and to pursue the things that God put on their hearts. I recently had a talk with my Grand Daughter about what is a realistic career choice for her. I truly believe that we can make our dreams happen if we put in the effort and remember to give God glory for the gift of passion toward certain things.

I have encouraged my husband in his heart’s desires and have been blessed to watch God do amazing things through him. I have witnessed his dreams come true in a huge way. Great things happen when we work hard toward God’s plan and the desires, He lays on our hearts.

I truly believe that we can achieve great things if we move our feet and put trust in God to get us where He wants us to go. Getting there may not look like we want it to, but ultimately, if we move the direction He leads us and give it the effort it deserves, our dreams can come true.

Being successful means many different things depending on who you ask. If I go through this life doing what God has put on my heart, then I have walked the walk intended for me and I consider that a great success. Doubt has a way of creeping in though, and altering our perception of true success. To me, being successful in art and writing is a pay check on top of putting out there what God has put on my heart to share.

The true meaning of success is pushing forward, through the doubt, ignoring the nay-sayers and doing what God puts on my heart weather or not I ever become successful by the world’s definition. This world would have me believe, and I fall captive to this thinking, that I am not a successful writer or artist unless I have people lined up to buy my work. God says I am successful because I am His obedient child and He will bless my efforts. That may not look like what I think it should, but I know truly that it will be better than anything I could imagine.


Philippians 4:13 King James Version (KJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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